Day: March 5, 2020

Finding a rental is more competitive than ever

As peak rental season draws to a close (December to February), data reveals that visits to the rental site reached a record high. 

January 2020 saw record visits to the rent site. Picture:

January 2020 showed more than 20 million visits to the rent site, which is more than a million extra visits compared to the same time last year.

While this is great news for landlords trying to fill their properties, it’s not such good news for tenants who already find the market competitive.

“This would speak to a lot of people’s lived experience that trying to

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Iconic uni student stomping ground on the market

A crowd at the Telegraph Hotel.

A ICONIC hotel is up for sale and a new owner could bring big changes with the property described as the last unencumbered redevelopment site on Hobart’s waterfront.

The Telegraph Hotel, on the corner of Morrison St and Brooke St in Hobart’s CBD has been trading successfully under the ownership of one family since 1993 and is a popular haunt with university students.

Cumulus Studio has already undertaken some preliminary planning and design work to identity the best development options for the Art Deco pub.

An artist’s impression in the tender documents shows the

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Dean Hotel: Cool converted pub raises the bar near Ballarat

The bar remains intact at the converted Dean Hotel at 1350 Daylesford-Ballarat Rd, Dean.

Whoever buys this converted pub in a “small hamlet” outside Ballarat will be able to pull their own beer to celebrate.

The former owners who turned the Dean Hotel into a two-bedroom house left the bar intact, in a nod to its past as a popular watering hole.

The major renovation also retained the old cellar and cool room, and design features of the historic building including exposed-brick walls, Belle Daylesford agent Annette Leary said.

It’s now on the market with a $740,000-$770,000 price guide.


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Remote Work Is Enabling Americans to Move to More Affordable Cities

For 25% of Americans, telecommuting increases after a move.

With unemployment at the lowest level in decades and wages stagnant, the chance to telecommute is allowing U.S. workers to move to more affordable areas, while maintaining their salaries. Of those who do move to a new metro area, 1 in 4 work remotely more frequently after relocating, according to a new survey conducted by Redfin.

“The job market is very tight and employers want to hold on to people, so companies are much more willing now to allow workers to move,” said Redfin chief economist Daryl Fairweather. “Plus, technology

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Introducing Your Dog to a New Home

Moving to a new home ranks right up there among life’s super-stressful events. This also holds true for your dog. New rooms, unfamiliar smells, a new yard, and a neighborhood of new people and pets. introducing your dog to a new home can all be very exciting — but also overwhelming. While you may have the option of chilling out with a glass of red wine or venting to a friend about your stress, your beloved dog, unfortunately, doesn’t have those options.

Here are some tips for introducing your dog to a new home:

Pack up gradually

Try your best

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