Day: June 12, 2020

How Redlining Caused a Wealth Gap and Low Homeownership for Black Families

The racist 1930s-era housing policy that effectively blocked Black families from obtaining loans continues to widen the wealth gap. Homeowners in redlined neighborhoods have earned 52% less in home equity than those in greenlined areas over the last 40 years.

Redlining, the racist housing policy that was outlawed in the 1960s, remains a major factor in today’s wealth gap between Black and white families across the country. The typical homeowner in a neighborhood that was redlined for mortgage lending by the federal government has gained 52% less—or $212,023 less—in personal wealth generated by property value increases than one in a

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Unusual house in conservative Frenchs Forest wows buyers

The five-year-old house which is unusual for Frenchs Forest, getting lots of attention.

A five-year-old unusual house in Frenchs Forest is the fifth most viewed property in NSW this week.

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Alex Popov beach masterpiece languishing

Walls that open right up and a green and bushy spot.

The contemporary home in Kens Rd is the only property in the northern beaches to make the top ten most viewed homes on the list compiled based on online hits between June 4 and June 11.

Ian Clarke, of Stone Real Estate said

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