Day: June 17, 2020

A Guide for Seniors and Their Loved Ones

There are all kinds of benefits to downsizing in your golden years — lower energy bills, a smaller space to clean and maintain, and the potential of moving closer to loved ones. It’s a wonderful way to open the door to the next stage of your life. Even so, decluttering and downsizing can be a difficult and sometimes painful experience for older adults. Saying goodbye to the home they’ve raised a family in doesn’t come easily.


This guide is designed to make the downsizing process as simple as possible for aging adults and their loved ones. It will help

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One-Bedroom Rental Searches Spike Amid COVID-19 Break-Ups

New data shows COVID-19 lockdowns have had a devastating impact on relationships, while has also seen a spike in search activity for one-bedroom rentals. 

One-bedroom rentals seem to be the new go-to for people who have broken up during COVID-19. Picture:

Never before have couples and families spent more time in close quarters with each other, and while some relationships have flourished, others have come to an end.

A recent Relationships Australia survey showed 42% of respondents experienced a negative change in their relationship during COVID-19.

“We are seeing that almost half of respondents were challenged by their

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