The Block 2020 episodes 18, 19 recap: It’s Jade vs queue jumping Jasmin

What Jasmin wants, Jasmin gets!

The West Australian mother-of-two has never been shy about making her opinions known but she took it to new levels with a tantrum over tiles and by pushing herself up the pecking order for shopping trips.

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease,” Jasmin boasted after her complaints about the shopping order at Freedom being set by house number resulted in her moving into Jade’s spot.

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How to fake reno your house

Five mistakes to avoid when renovating your home


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Here Are the Housing Markets That Are Heating Up and Cooling Down

September 21, 2020 by

Relatively inexpensive areas outside major cities—like El Dorado County, just east of Sacramento, and Camden County, across the river from Philadelphia—are gaining ground with homebuyers as New York City and San Francisco lose steam.

Housing markets that offer homebuyers more bang for their buck and are located outside of major cities—but within driving distance—are heating up, with relatively affordable places including El Dorado County, CA and Camden County, NJ rising in popularity as house hunters take advantage of remote work and record-low interest rates. Nine of the 10 markets where homebuyer

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Mortgage approvals on the rise as more buyers report it’s ‘a good time to buy’

With the pandemic keeping most people at home, households are using their saved money for housing instead. Picture: Damian Shaw

Demand for property has shown signs of returning to pre-COVID-19 levels across much of Australia as households pump money they would have spent on travel or entertainment into housing instead.

Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed mortgage approvals have been tracking up since the market hit a trough in May, despite the weaker economy and mounting job losses.

There were just 22,941 mortgage approvals in May, but the number shot up by 25 per cent to hit 28,322

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9 Things to Consider Before Moving to a Small Town

September 17, 2020 by

Updated on September 17th, 2020

Are you finding yourself longing for small-town life lately? Are you looking to have more space, know your neighbors, and to just have a more relaxed way of living? Well, you’re not alone. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, homebuyer interest in small towns and rural areas is growing, fast.

Since we’re all spending more time at home, people are re-evaluating their lifestyles and what’s important to them in a home. Many are craving more space – a larger backyard, area for a garden, a

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Vaucluse mansion of Alex Ma house sells again for $30m+

20A Vaucluse Rd, Vaucluse, has sold for above its $30m price guide.

As the pandemic news improves, the big property sales keep coming — the latest being the Vaucluse home of businessman Alex Ma which has fetched for more than $30m.

The seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom Hermitage Estate home at 20A Vaucluse Road — which Ma bought for $26.5 million in 2017 — was first listed last February after Ma, 30, had snapped up two waterfront homes on Carrara Rd for $56 million in late 2018.

Agents Peter Leipnik and Alex George of BadgerFox, had declared the house sold last March, but

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