Making an Offer on a House? 11 Strategies to Win

So you’ve found your dream house and you’re ready to make an offer, but how do you make sure your offer stands out among all the others? How do you make your offer more appealing? Whether you’re dealing with a competitive housing market or a cautious seller, getting your offer accepted requires creativity, compromise, and a strong strategy. 

So how can you convince a seller to side in your favor? Check out these 11 strategies to help you seal the deal and make “home sweet home” a reality.


1. Get pre-approved for a home loan

Getting pre-approved will show the

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The COVID-19 Recession Highlights a Wealth Divide Impacting Housing

Homebuyers with secure, high-paying jobs and access to cash and credit take advantage of low mortgage rates, as job losses disproportionately affect low-income and Black workers, already excluded from homeownership.

The impact of the coronavirus shutdowns on homebuyer demand has so far been short and muted, even in some of the cities that have been the hardest-hit by unemployment during the recession. This rapid recovery in demand is a strong indication that most people who were, and are, in the market to buy a home have escaped this recession relatively unscathed.

Although the current recession officially began in February,

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Competition Increases for Homebuyers as Coronavirus Drives Housing Shortage

Half of Redfin offers faced competition, up from 44% in April.

In May, 49.4% of Redfin offers faced competition, up from 43.9% during the prior month.

While sellers are jumping back into the market as states across the country reopen, there remains a shortage in houses for sale, which is fueling bidding wars; the number of listings on the market in May was 18.9% lower than the same period last year.

“Bidding wars also jumped in May because homebuyers felt they were starting to get more clarity around where the economy was headed, with cities around the nation lifting stay-at-home

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Home Prices Flat, Other Indicators Suggest the Market is Rebounding from Coronavirus Shutdowns

Pending sales were up 33% and new listings increased 36% from April to May. Home prices nearly flattened, up just 0.5% from last year

The housing market showed some early signs of recovery in May as the addition of homes for sale and contracts to buy homes both increased dramatically from April levels, but the market remains overall very competitive thanks to a continuing shortage of homes for sale. U.S. home-sale prices increased just 0.5% year over year in May to a median of $299,400 across the 217 metros Redfin tracks. This was the smallest annual increase since home prices

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8 Interior Design Ideas to Help Make You Happier at Home

The outside world can be stressful and uncertain – especially right now. Additionally, our personal priorities pull us in many directions, from work calls and meetings to children’s activities, online schooling, and just the normal rigors of life. That’s why it’s more important than ever that our homes are havens for relaxation, rest, and happiness. 

The good news is there are plenty of simple design and styling tweaks you can make at home to instantly boost your mood. Check out these eight interior design ideas to get started.

1. Color your mood

Marketing companies study color psychology for a reason:

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