Day: May 19, 2020

The Effect of COVID-19 on Cleveland’s Real Estate Market

The US housing market has gone through many changes during this COVID-19 pandemic. Homebuyers all over the country are wondering how Coronavirus may impact the homebuying process in their local market. As we enter the homebuying and selling season we found that Cleveland’s housing market is still very competitive and many homes are facing multiple offers. 

Additionally, many people are still buying homes but less are choosing to sell, creating an inventory shortage. We turned to one of our Cleveland Redfin agents Joe Goldian to help us answer some of the most common questions homebuyers have about the Cleveland Real

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How Lending Practises Have Tightened During COVID-19

The coronavirus crisis is already having a devastating impact on Australia’s economy with almost 600,000 people losing their jobs in April after COVID-19 restrictions forced thousands of businesses to shut down.

Amid the financial uncertainty, banks and other lenders have changed the way they assess borrowers, in some cases, making it even more difficult to get finance to purchase a home.

Banks and other lenders are not taking any risked when assessing borrowers during COVID-19. Picture:

Meanwhile, while tentative about taking on new clients, most lenders are bending over backwards to try and help their existing clients.

But for

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