Month: July 2020

The ‘September Slope’ And What It Means For The Property Market

From wage subsidy and loan holiday extensions, to further stamp duty exemptions for new home buyers in New South Wales, it’s been a week of major announcements for Australians who had been anticipating a fiscal cliff at the end of September. 

The ‘September cliff’, which could have plunged hundreds of thousands of people and businesses into devastating financial circumstances, is now looking more like a “September slope”, which is a positive turn of events for the economy and the property market, according to Nerida Conisbee, chief economist at

The extension of JobKeeper and mortgage freezes has been a positive

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Above, Below, or At List Price? How Much to Offer on a House

So, you’ve spent weeks house hunting and you’ve finally found the perfect home for you and your family. But how much should your initial offer be? Should your offer start above, below, or at list price? Figuring out how much to offer on a house can be one of the most challenging parts of the homebuying process.

You, of course, want to come in with a competitive offer, but you also don’t want to overpay. Before deciding on an amount, consider these six factors and work with your real estate agent to help you dial in on the perfect offer

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Luigi Rosselli: from Malcolm Turnbull’s gate to Sydney’s best houses and apartments

Architect Luigi Rosselli’s thoughts on minimalism: “All that white … it’s so bright people have to wear sunglasses and there’s nowhere for the toaster.” Picture: John Appleyard

The architect Luigi Rosselli has designed homes for mining magnates, famous sports people, the CEOs of three major banks in Australia and high achievers of all kinds.

“Even penniless journalists and artists,” Rosselli chuckles during our Wentworth Courier interview.

“They’re all fantastically wonderful people.”

Many of his clients choose to fly beneath the radar — others publicly celebrate the architect’s work.

One of his first commissions – after arriving in Sydney in 1984

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4 Bargain Two-Bedroom Rental Homes

With an influx of rental properties coming onto the market amid COVID-19, there’s never been a better time to nab a new home at a top deal.

Property managers and landlords are fighting to keep tenants in homes rather than see them vacant, and in addition to short-term rentals becoming long-term rentals, prices have not only decreased but are negotiable in many cases.

“All of a sudden, we have thousands of Airbnb properties that owners now want to try to lease out because they’re not getting tourists in, so that’s increasing the rental availability out there and tenants are seeing

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Use these 8 Backyard Privacy Ideas to Create the Perfect Outdoor Escape

July 24, 2020 by

Updated on July 24th, 2020

From soaking in the sun during the summer to cozying up by a fire pit in the fall, outdoor living spaces are oftentimes the favorite part of any home. But, unless you live on a large lot of land, chances are you may have a neighbor who just seems a little too close sometimes. Luckily, there are several ways to solve this common problem. Check out these 8 backyard privacy ideas and transform your outdoor space into your own personal (and private) escape.


1. Introduce a

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