Day: August 24, 2020

Homebuyer Interest in Rural Areas Rises, With Prices Up 11% in July

There’s more demand—and less supply—for rural and suburban neighborhoods than cities as the pandemic influences homebuyer preferences. Still, prices are up 6.7% in urban areas.

The housing market is hottest in less densely populated areas, with July data showing more buyer interest in rural and suburban neighborhoods than cities. 

For homes in rural areas nationwide, the median sale price increased 11.3% year over year in the four weeks ending August 2, and it rose 9.2% in suburban areas. Urban areas saw a smaller 6.7% home-price increase. Homes in rural areas have had higher price growth than suburban and urban areas

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Gallery Living’s Picasso 250 offers a sense of calm like no other

Picasso 250 by Gallery Living on display at Angle Vale. Photo: Nick Clayton.

Everyday life has a feeling of turmoil at the moment, so it’s no wonder we’re placing greater emphasis on the feel and safety of our homes and properties.

Speaking from experience, I can say I’ve never spent more time in my backyard and garden as I have this year.

It seems I’m not alone, with many homeowners looking to integrate their indoor spaces with the outdoors to create calming havens away from the stress of day-to-day living.

Gallery Living display hmes Picasso

Picasso 250 by Gallery Living on display at Angle Vale.

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