Day: August 29, 2020

How to Save for a Downpayment: 7 Steps to Success

So, you’ve been thinking about jumping into the housing market and buying your first home. You’ve already played around with an online mortgage payment calculator to get a range of how much mortgage you can afford and now you’re just wondering how you can save up for a downpayment as quickly as you can. Knowing how to save for a downpayment takes a little bit of planning, a lot of discipline, and sometimes more time than you realize.

Begin with a plan

The first task is to create a plan. You need to know where you’re going so you can

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Underbool: $60k house for sale in Victoria’s northwest goes viral

29 Monash Avenue, Underbool is on the market for an affordable $60,000.

Buyers from far and wide are scrambling to secure a house listed for the price of a luxury car in a town renowned as “the gateway to the Pink Lakes”.

The three-bedroom house in Underbool, in Victoria’s northwest, had attracted about eight offers since hitting the market with a $60,000 asking price, Burns & Co Mildura agent Ian Miers said.

It also accrued more than 10,000 views on to be one of Victoria’s most popular listings of the past week.

Mr Miers said the price point had

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