Month: September 2020

The Block 2020 episode 23 recap: ‘It’s not in the spirit of the game’ – Scott Cam fires up over copying

After weeks of peace and love, a few cracks are beginning to emerge in this season of The Block.

Daniel’s plasterers walk off the job tonight, leaving him with unfinished work, after accusing him of running a tense and high-pressure job site.

George intimates that another contestant would only lend him some tools if there was a quid pro quo involved, but with a pointed look at the camera operator recording his conversation with Harry and Tash, refuses to say who he’s talking about. Drats.

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Inside The Block creator’s stylish warehouse

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The Block 2020 episode 22 recap: Shaynna pulls no punches in dressing one team down for cheating

Luke and Jasmin are in some hot water with Shaynna.

This episode starts with half an hour of padding (some lame pottery challenge, yawn), then BAM! Cheating scandal.

In between the teams are preparing their kitchens.

Sarah and George have secured the services of Melbourne’s most famous (and sweariest) tiler and stonemason Fabian. The temperamental king has been seen on The Block many times before, most notably railing against Keith in a way the contestants only do in their dreams.

This time he’s created an enormous curved natural stone benchtop, with hand mitred edges that is indeed a work of

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Purchasers snap up every residence in the $40 million Siarn Palm Beach North

COVID-19 hasn’t deterred off-the-plan buyers at Palm Beach with several sales at Siarn Palm Beach North secured during the height of restrictions.

Three of the final sales secured in recent months were achieved sight unseen.

Each of those buyers paid more than $2.5 million to secure a foothold in Siarn, located at 460 The Esplanade, where high-end apartments ranged from $2.08 million to $2.98 million.

One overseas buyer living in Florida, USA, conducted the transaction via WhatsApp, supported by several mobile phone meetings, while another family from Victoria secured the very last property remotely, during complete lockdown.

Gold Coast developer

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Home Prices Just. Keep. Climbing. National Median Now Up 14{d872b83874cbc456d4e7e49f0ae218a6abf1c172c201c18bd21e1a6839859f06} from Last Year

September 25, 2020 by

Pending sales rose 29{d872b83874cbc456d4e7e49f0ae218a6abf1c172c201c18bd21e1a6839859f06}, and new listings jumped 6{d872b83874cbc456d4e7e49f0ae218a6abf1c172c201c18bd21e1a6839859f06} from last year

Key housing market takeaways for 434 U.S. metro areas during the 4-week period ending September 20:

  • The median home sale price increased 14{d872b83874cbc456d4e7e49f0ae218a6abf1c172c201c18bd21e1a6839859f06} from 2019 to $319,978—the highest on record. The 14{d872b83874cbc456d4e7e49f0ae218a6abf1c172c201c18bd21e1a6839859f06} year-over-year increase was the largest since August 2013. Since the four-week period ending July 5, home prices have increased 6.6{d872b83874cbc456d4e7e49f0ae218a6abf1c172c201c18bd21e1a6839859f06}. Over that same period in 2018 and 2019, prices declined an average of 3.7{d872b83874cbc456d4e7e49f0ae218a6abf1c172c201c18bd21e1a6839859f06}.
  • Pending home sales climbed 29{d872b83874cbc456d4e7e49f0ae218a6abf1c172c201c18bd21e1a6839859f06} year over year.
  • New listings of homes for
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The Block 2020 episode 20 recap: Luke and Jasmin’s perfect score, but why does their room look familiar?

Shaynna Blaze notes some similarities between Luke and Jasmin’s room and an Instagram post from former Block contestants Kyal and Kara.

Jasmin and Luke were crowned king and queen of their jungle-themed kids’ room, securing a perfect score from all three Block judges.

This was despite a slight rumble in the jungle being expressed by one.

The room featured a built-in bunk bed, spotty wallpaper and playful, jungle-themed bedding and artwork.

Judge Shaynna Blaze felt there was something awfully familiar about it.

Wasn’t it a lot like the room that previous contestants Kyle and Kara recently posted on Instagram?


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