Day: September 15, 2020

Black Homebuyers Face Bigger Price Increases and a Deeper Housing Shortage

Black homebuyers, who are less likely than their white counterparts to have jobs that can be done remotely, face higher home prices as white homebuyers move to more affordable suburbs

Home prices in neighborhoods where Black people bought homes in 2019 were up 7% in July. That’s higher than the 6% price increase in neighborhoods where white people purchased homes last year. The pace of price growth remained unchanged from pre-pandemic rates in February in both groups of neighborhoods. 

For this analysis we analyzed data on home sales during the pandemic looking separately at Census tracts where Black people bought

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Coronavirus Melbourne tenant exodus amplifies inner-city danger zones

An apartment at 3002/61 Haig Street, Southbank, is sitting vacant on the rental market, asking $370 per week.

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The number of empty rental homes across Melbourne has almost doubled in the past year, with the tenant exodus hitting Southbank, Docklands and the CBD hardest.

Experts have identified the trio as “danger zones” buyers should steer clear of at all costs — but on the flip side, tenants moving in could just about “name their price”.

Propertyology head of research Simon Pressley

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