Day: September 26, 2020

10 Cute Homes For Sale Under the National Median Sale Price

When you think about a cute home, you might imagine a small and cozy cabin perched on the side of a river, or maybe you picture a modern condo with a quaint patio overlooking the city. We view cute homes as any home that’s cozy, quaint, and has plenty of character — whether large or small. Whatever your definition, we think “cute” homes are even better when they’re affordable. 

We looked all across the US housing market for cute homes that are under the current US median sale price of $328,419. So whether you live on the West Coast, the

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The house Australia built –

Bowral Bricks are dry-pressed bricks made in Australia and are part of the Austral Bricks group

We all love an Australian-made product but interest in local manufacturing has soared in recent months thanks to the pandemic.

With people struggling to import everything from masks to microwaves as supply chains slow down, many Australian manufacturers are seeing an uptick in interest from local consumers. In the construction industry, executive director of the NSW Master Builders’ Association Brian Seidler, says we have long relied heavily on Chinese imports.

“The COVID experience has sparked a discussion that we should be manufacturing more in

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