Day: October 20, 2020

Everything you Need to Know

Crawl spaces are often out of sight and, consequently, out of mind, making them easy to neglect. But without proper maintenance your crawl space is susceptible to moisture, heat loss, pests, and a host of other complications. These common problems can damage your home’s foundation, cause sky-high energy bills, and introduce toxins into the air you breathe. With as much as 40 percent of the air in your home originating from your crawl space, keeping up on your crawl space maintenance plays a big role in the air you breathe and the long-term health of your home.

What is a

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The Prestigious Australian Suburbs With Surprisingly Affordable Pockets

Some of Australia’s most exclusive suburbs might seem out of reach for many home buyers, but new data has revealed it’s possible to buy a house in some of the country’s most prized neighbourhoods at a fraction of the cost – if you know where to look. 

After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a champagne suburb on a prosecco budget?

  • Use the interactive below to discover the most expensive and most affordable pockets in your suburb. The data captures houses only and areas with a high concentration of units, such as CBDs and cities, may have insufficient data
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