Day: January 25, 2021

The Latest Smart Home Tech to Add to your Home

Living in a smart house used to only exist in sci-fi movies. Fast forward to today and connected homes and smart gadgets are quickly becoming the norm. Smart home tech has transformed every aspect of home life, from security and basic kitchen tasks to how a house is built. It’s making our lives more comfortable, economical, convenient, and safe.

If you haven’t upgraded your home with the latest tech there are many ways to start. If your needs are relatively simple, there are affordable options that can bring about convenience, however, if you want to go all out you can

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Tom Panos reveals property predictions for 2021 Sydney real estate market

Tom Panos reveals his property predictions for 2021.

In my 34 years of real estate I have never seen so many things aligned to suggest this should be a stellar year. Here are my predictions for the market this year.

1. The death of downsizing. COVID-19 has taught people their home is their castle. They are not looking for less space, they are looking for more space. Bigger is better, and making your home a lifestyle residence that includes a swimming pool, gymnasium, and the Zoom room suggests this is the year of upgrading.

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