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Advanced Technology in Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are latest fads for many who have chosen photography as a hobby or profession. The advent of digital photography marks a new milestone in the progressive growth of the technology. Unlike the film camera, this version is comparatively easier to handle. For this reason amateur photographers choose the right one. But depending on the type of photographs to be shot they should opt for the right type of cameras and accessories. Mega pixels, Zoom and Memory are factors that influence the working of the camera and shoppers have to understand the significance of those terms and their relevance in the art of photography.

For example, the term mega pixels is always referred whenever this gadget is discussed. It is to be clearly understood that mega pixels have nothing to do with the quality of photos shot in this camera. It is a factor that enables enlargement of photo prints. If the photographer wants to take out large size printout of the photos, it is necessary to opt for a camera with higher megapixels. To obtain a 5 x 7 inch printout, camera needs 2 mega pixels of resolution. But those who are not well versed with the technicalities will have wrong conception that the number of mega pixels is the factor that determines the quality of photographs. Konseling Online Similarly optical and digital zooms are very often confusing features to many camera shoppers. Even though both these zooms work together, it is optical zoom that contributes towards better picture quality. Digital zoom facilitates better focusing. The camera with both optical and digital zooms is preferable, but optical zoom is more relevant.

Memory is yet another important feature in this camera. Cheaper cameras will have built-in memory for storage of pictures shot. Lowongan Kerja But memory cards are more popular which are removable as well as up gradable. Different types of memory cards are available in the markets. Compact Flash, Smart Media and Sony Memory Stick are a few among many types of memory cards widely used in this gadget. To understand the significance of the memory card the user should know that in a digital camera with one mega pixel resolution a 16MB memory card will be able to store 40 pictures. The optical view finders are incorporated in all digital cameras. But LCD screens are more innovative. Photographers can view the object on the LCD screen before and after clicking the camera. It is the most advantageous feature of it which enables deleting of unwanted photos then and there. But LCD screens consume more battery power. Another version is the electronic view finder which is gaining popularity among the users.

As for batteries, it is better to opt for re-chargeable batteries even though they are expensive. Some of the digital cameras will have AC adapters to facilitate supply of power directly from mains. Modern digital cameras are available with features like auto focus and automatic image stabilization and built-in pop up flash. Size and weight of the camera varies and shoppers have to decide about them in accordance with their tastes and convenience.