Burnt down Centennial Park mansion gets major rebuild

The Centennial Park home when it burnt down last November. Picture: John Appleyard

The $13.5 million Centennial Park home that went up in flames in November last year, has been rebuilt to its former glory — and seen a change of owner.

It was Anita Bhandari, on her way to holiday in Bali, who was the owner when the luxury parkside home caught ablaze.

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Mansion Fire Today

The cause of the fire was never determined.

Daily Telegraph

How the home used to look.

Her estranged husband, wealthy entrepreneur and Tibra Capital co-founder Danny Bhandari, reached the home as 80 firefighters attended the early evening blaze.

The NSW Fire Service told The Sell that the cause “could not be determined”.

A week after the fire, Ms Bhandari told The Daily Telegraph she was upset by persistent rumours surrounding the cause.

Daily Telegraph

The home cost $8m in 2009.

Daily Telegraph

80 firefighters attended the home.

The home had been bought solely in Anita’s name in 2009 for $8 million. But its ownership was recently transferred solely to Danny, who had been directing his mail to a Paddington PO box.

Occupancy was recently allowed, according to Sydney City Council records, after Bellevarde Construction rebuilt the Tobias Partners-designed home.

Danny, who was reappointed by Stuart Ayres to the Venues NSW board in June this year, had been a regular on the Young Rich List until he turned 40 three years ago.

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