Classic Hobart home with an adventurous side

A twisting brass wall at No.9 Lower Jordan Hill Road, West Hobart. Picture: SUPPLIED

IT’S not every day that the clever and creative transformation of a classic cottage scoops the pool and snatches up architecture and construction awards – at a state and national level, no less.

This was the case for this city fringe Federation era charmer.

Alongside Master Builders Awards, the home won the Edith Emery Award at the 2020 Tasmanian Architecture Awards.

For property owner, retired nurse Lena, it was a grand project and an opportunity to turn a house into her home and to create something beautiful.

9 Lower Jordan Hill Road West Hobart

9 Lower Jordan Hill Road West Hobart

9 Lower Jordan Hill Road West Hobart

When Lena first found No.9 Lower Jordan Rd, she could see its potential, but also that it needed some TLC.

“It was really dark,” she said.

“The woodwork inside was black, including the doorframes – everything felt small.

“Now, the back of the house has been opened up completely, the colour pallet brightened up, large windows installed so there is lots of natural light.

“The front part of the house has been painted white while the extension in the back is Tasmanian oak.”

Lena said she doesn’t remember discussing the need for “light” with her architects, she said everyone “just knew”.

“It needed to be opened up and light let in,” she said.

Hobart firm Taylor + Hinds Architects worked with DS Building on the restoration and renovation of the home.

Lena’s brief for the project included an open-plan living, dining and kitchen area.

She described this as the “most important thing”.

“I also wanted it to be beautiful and well designed,” she said.

9 Lower Jordan Hill Road West Hobart

Creativity in the kitchen.

9 Lower Jordan Hill Road West Hobart

9 Lower Jordan Hill Road West Hobart

Knock knock. Who’s there?

While parts of the property were designed with function in mind, such as the calm sleeping quarters or the open plan, entertainer friendly living zone – a couple of others injected a degree of fun and uniqueness into the home.

And each feature uncommon curves – the reading room and the bathroom.

The timber-lined reading room has an attractive, detailed, rounded vault ceiling.

“It was the bathroom,” she said.

“My architect Mat Hinds knew I had a lot of books that I needed to find a place for.

“He suggested making the bathroom into a reading room with a lovely seat in the corner, a light and shutters on the windows to let in lots of natural light, too.

The timberwork is beautiful, the builder DS Building won two awards for the home, actually.”

9 Lower Jordan Hill Road West Hobart

9 Lower Jordan Hill Road West Hobart

The library offers floor-to-ceiling shelving, a functional space that also provides a sense of comfort and seclusion.

The bathroom is a showstopper with its curved brass feature wall that continues a theme of brass highlights found throughout the house.

Lena said Mat had suggested many ideas for the project, perhaps not expecting she would say “yes” as often as she did.

“Sometimes he would look at me with amazement when I was excited by this type of idea,” she said.

“I don’t think he had had the opportunity to design a brass shower before. It is like a sculpture in the room.

“It’s lovely, it is special and it just works.

“With much of the house white, the brass has a warmth to it.”

While offering an eye-catching architectural feature, the circular brass shower screen is also functional in the way it separates the laundry from the bathroom.

EIS Property director David Gunning described No.9 Lower Jordan Rd as a “statement in art and design”.

“The refurbishment includes a new kitchen and bathroom, library and open plan living space,” he said.

“Each detail of the design was carefully considered and the original Federation cottage has been transformed.”

9 Lower Jordan Hill Road West Hobart

9 Lower Jordan Hill Road West Hobart

Ready for a green thumb’s expertise.

The living area’s use of Tasmanian oak is striking alongside the home’s soaring ceilings and oversized windows that allow in the northern sunlight to create a light-filled peaceful space.

The house has three well-proportioned bedrooms located toward the front. One has a fabulous window with a bench seat.

Purpose-built shutters modulate light, breezes and privacy at the rear of the exterior of the house.

There is a sun-drenched, north-facing sandstone terrace that provides a pleasant outdoor space and requires minimal maintenance. A single lockup garage provides secure off-street parking.

No.9 Lower Jordan Hill Road, West Hobart is priced between $1.1 million and $1.3 million, it is listed with EIS Property.

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