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Cleaning Carpets by Type

Floors are one of the home interiors that are most often used for activities. The aesthetic value of the floor can be increased if added carpet. And the carpet is not only functioned as an aesthetic enhancer for a room but also can be used as a cushion when relaxing with family. A comfortable carpet is a carpet that is clean and always washed. Cleaning carpets here has a function to remove the dirt that sticks. But in the cleaning process, it can’t be careless. Must be adjusted to the type of carpet, so as not to damage the carpet. For cleaning carpet correctly, you can also hire the noblesville carpet cleaning that the best carpet cleaning service for you.

Here’s how to clean the carpet by type.

Polypropylene Carpet

This type of carpet is a type of carpet that is often used in everyday life. This carpet has a soft and smooth texture. How to clean the carpet is also fairly easy. Only cleaned using water. This carpet includes the type of carpet at an affordable price. However, the disadvantage is that the color of the carpet is easy to fade and the threads are also easily separated. Besides that, it is also thinner and a bit slippery.

Nylon Carpet

This carpet is made of nylon from plastic. In addition, this carpet is easily replaced in case of damage. This carpet has a relatively cheaper price. How to clean the carpet is also quite easy. Only clean and wash it using water then dry it.

Sisal carpet

This carpet is made from plants, so this carpet is also safe to use. But this carpet cannot be cleaned with water. Because sisal has a rough and easy texture when exposed to water. So, to clean this type of carpet must use a vacuum cleaner. This carpet is usually used to coat the floor of a room so it is not slippery.

Viscose Carpet

This carpet is made from artificial materials that have a texture like synthetic silk. To clean the carpet can be done by using a vacuum cleaner or if using water, simply watering it and then drying it and do not need to be brushed. Because if brushed what happens can damage the carpet.

Silk Carpet

This carpet has a high aesthetic level. This carpet is suitable for those of you who like high-taste interiors with a luxurious impression. This type of carpet to clean it does not need to be washed using water. Simply clean it with a vacuum cleaner.