Is This Australia’s Most Brutal Real Estate Listing?

A Melbourne real estate agent has roasted his own listing in a comical take on the classic ‘renovator’s delight’, putting a satirical spin on the standard virtual tour.

The hilarious video for 69 Pilgrim Street, in the inner-west suburb of Seddon, removes any embellishment about the run-down home’s ‘character’, instead embracing its narrative as “the worst house in the best street”.

In the clip, Nicholas Skapoulas, of Nicholas Scott Real Estate, tells viewers: “Let me tell you, coming from a real estate agent, when I say this is bad, this is s**t. This place needs a renovation.”

He then points to the “disgusting carpet” and decrepit kitchen, before climbing through a window to showcase the overgrown backyard and graffiti-coated shed.

“Because I can’t open the back door…” he says, jumping through perhaps the only intentional hole in the wall, and then gestured to his surroundings.

“Fantastic, isn’t it?”

Skapoulas laughed down the phone as called to ask about his novel approach, which the owners are onboard with as they’re “motivated to sell”.

“There’s a lot of fluff in real estate, so it’s having a bit of fun and not being too prim and proper; just being transparent, honest, showing it in its true light,” he said.

This Seddon home has been described as the “worst house in the best street”.

“The owners are an elderly couple and have had it for a very long time, so they just want to sell, especially in this climate. People will see it and respect it for what it is.”

He said the listing has had a “tremendous amount of traction”, with buyers drawn to the options and location, which is right next to Seddon Village.

“It’s got plans and permits, so buyers can either renovate or build a new dream home. It’s the location and land that’s outstanding.

“I’ve had comments from people who aren’t even looking to buy, who’d seen [the video] and said ‘thanks for the laugh’.

“They say it’s refreshing. Everyone’s a bit stiff at the moment, so let’s take the edge off.”

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