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Natural Green Stone Sukabumi Which Has Many Uses

Sukabumi Green Natural Stone is a type of natural stone which is the right choice for interior and exterior applications of houses and buildings. Because Sukabumi Green natural stone can make your home feel cool and fresh because of the character of the Sukabumi Green natural stone which has heat absorbing properties. Sukabumi Green Natural Stone is a stone that is very resistant to weather changes. Sukabumi Green natural stone is also the right choice for the fence of houses and buildings. In developed countries like Dubai already using green natural stone from Sukabumi. Green Sukabumi Stone in Dubai is very popular and many of the buildings either hotels or restaurants use this stone.

In addition, naturally the green natural stone of Sukabumi also purifies water because it contains zeolite levels in it. There are two choices of finishing motifs in Batu Hijau Sukabumi, namely the type of flat natural and flat cut machines of various sizes that can be adjusted to your needs and tastes. Sukabumi Green Stone is a premium natural stone product from Sukabumi, West Java Province is Green Sukabumi Stone Supplier and has been marketed overseas, this stone is mainly used as a swimming pool floor and walls in luxury buildings such as villas, hotels, resorts and others. others found in premium areas such as Bali. Nowadays Batu Hijau is also very famous and is widely used especially in foreign countries, Dubai, Bangkok, Vietnam and many more as Bali Green Stone, maybe because they know that this stone is widely used in luxury resort pools in the world.

The thickness of this green natural stone varies, depending on the needs needed such as hotels, parks, temples, swimming pools and others. And with installation that is so easy that you no longer need to think of various ways to install natural stone. Finishing can use tools to soften the surface of green stone, and if you want to get results with a rough surface, natural finishing is done like the original texture. The specialty of sukabumi green stone is very much, in addition to health therapy, skin beauty, cure many diseases also make your building look beautiful to the eye. Discover Take advantage of this sukabumi green stone for your swimming pool and find the sensation while on the move so you get a lot of benefits from the magic of this sukabumi green stone. Please prove the benefits yourself.

Sukabumi Green Stone can also be used as an ornamental stone outside the pool area, for example the green combination sukabumi face can be added in a small pool combined with the main pool. The green color makes the perfect combination seen as green depicting the fresh nature of life that can bring prosperity to happiness. You can also combine green with gray color from basalt stone so that the luxury style can appear perfectly. You can also add a wooden floor surrounded by a pool area so it looks really nice.