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Water And Its Uses In The Society.

Water makes up about seventy percent of the earth’s surface. All living things are dependent on water for their survival. It is used for various reasons that keep our lives moving without which our lives can come to a halt and even cause death.

Among its various uses, water is used for drinking by all living things. Water also helps in the growth of living things. Water is also used to produce electricity through hydropower which makes our industries and factories function. With this, it shows that every sector of the human person requires water for it to function.

This being the case, we therefore need to take good care of our water and to ensure that it keeps serving us. The first step that we can take towards this goal is to ensure that we put in measure not to polute our water. If pollution happens, we are required to have measures that will help restore water to its natural state. Prevention of water pollution or treatment of water can either be domestic which will require small scale approach or can be large scale for bigger facilities.

The process is called water treatment and it basically involves the cleaning of water for it to be okay for the end us. he whole process of treating water has the sole purpose of removing anything that is deemed not fit and that can affect the user.

A septic tank is used in the treatment of wastewater. The main processes involved in wastewater treatment include pretreatment, primary treatment, secondary treatment and finally the final treatment before the water is let out through the outlet and the sacum and other residues removed after a while.

One of the main types of wastewater treatment is the agriculture wastewater treatment. The main purpose for this particular area is to ensure that the water contaminated with fertilizers is not mixed with ordinary water.

We also have domestic wastewater treatment and this is treatment of wastewater from people’s homes
Facility wastewater treatment is the treatment of water from most public facilities like buildings and other public amenities schools, hospitals and also industires.

One has to know that they are entitled to some fee during and after the installation of a septic tank. In most cities, a wastewater fee is collected from each facility after a given period. The money collected by the city is used in the following ways.

The monthly or annual fee collected by cities is used to clear pipes and do other forms of sewage system maintenance.

It requires a lot of money to recycle wastewater and the people should be part of its treatment.

Like any other sector, the city can collect the money to keep the activities of the city moving.

Wastewater is not completely useless as it undergoes a number of tests.

The fees is also used to pay salaries of the various people who work in the wastewater department.

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