The Block 2020 episode 20 recap: Luke and Jasmin’s perfect score, but why does their room look familiar?

Shaynna Blaze notes some similarities between Luke and Jasmin’s room and an Instagram post from former Block contestants Kyal and Kara.

Jasmin and Luke were crowned king and queen of their jungle-themed kids’ room, securing a perfect score from all three Block judges.

This was despite a slight rumble in the jungle being expressed by one.

The room featured a built-in bunk bed, spotty wallpaper and playful, jungle-themed bedding and artwork.

Judge Shaynna Blaze felt there was something awfully familiar about it.

Wasn’t it a lot like the room that previous contestants Kyle and Kara recently posted on Instagram?

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Luke and Jasmin's ensuite upstairs

Luke and Jasmin’s ensuite upstairs

Jasmin was quick to respond that she had seen Kyle and Kara’s post only after she had designed her own room. Plus, she had spent the whole week happily showing all and sundry a different picture that had “inspired” her styling this week.

Luke and Jasmin's kids room

Luke and Jasmin’s kids room got a perfect score, but Shaynna noticed something familiar about it.

Like Shaynna, judges Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer loved the playful storytelling in Jasmin and Luke’s bedroom and were further impressed by the sophistication of their ensuite.

Of course, the couple wouldn’t have finished their so-called perfect rooms if it hadn’t been for their neighbours.

See Kyle and Kara’s kid’s room below – do you see the resemblance?

In a gesture of goodwill to their Block besties, Jimmy and Tam, who came a close second with their colourful bedroom and bathroom, the winners handed over $2000 of their $10,000 prizemoney to their neighbours for spending four hours helping them get their rooms ready.

Despite pulling the Hipages lever, Luke and Jasmin were still pushed for time getting their winning rooms ready. Jasmin, typically, blamed Luke’s poor time management for their stressful sprint to the finish line.

She was left doubly peeved when he went AWOL to fetch himself a sneaky Maccas meal but failed to bring her a coffee.

Jimmy and Tam's peach coloured bathroom.

Jimmy and Tam’s “hi vis” peach paint didn’t win plaudits.

Luckily for Luke, neighbours Jimmy and Tam are speed demons at getting their rooms done and always have oodles of time to spare to do generous things like organise a surprise breakfast delivery for Jade or pop over to help the competition build a bunk bed.

Their speedy work doesn’t mean that they are slapdash about what they do. The judges were, as always, impressed with their finishes. What let them down, however, was their “peach fuzz” coloured bathroom.

Although Neale said he loved the brave colour palette, he said he wouldn’t want it in his bathroom and, for that reason, all three agreed it could ultimately alienate buyers because it was too niche.

Jimmy and Tam's kids room

Jimmy and Tam’s kids’ room.

Shaynna pointed out, too, that the bright hue of the walls reflected on to everything inside the room, giving those inside it an orange glow.

“This is the high vis of bathrooms,” Darren laughed.

“No, it’s the Donald Trump of bathrooms,” Shaynna corrected.

Host Scott Cam couldn’t resist joining the jibes: “This is not a bathroom where you’ll be able to put on make-up without coming out looking like the US president.” And let’s face it, nobody wants that.

While their risky colour choice didn’t pay off, their kindness to their neighbours did, with that helpful gift of $2000 for lending a helping hand to Luke and Jasmin.

It’s doubtful that will console Jade and her increasingly grouchy husband Daniel, or Sarah and George, all of whom are yet to win a single dollar on the show.

Sarah and George's upstairs bedroom

The judges loved Sarah and George’s wallpaper choice.

Sarah and George had a clear reason to be grumpy. Had Jasmin and Luke been unable to finish their rooms, they would have tied for first place with Jimmy and Tam and shared the winner’s dollars.

The judges heaped praise on Sarah and George who have returned to the show with renewed vigour and increased confidence. They particularly liked their use of wallpaper to highlight their bedroom’s soaring ceilings.

Sarah and George's upstairs bathroom

Sarah and George’s upstairs bathroom

They had plenty of good things to say about Jade and Daniel’s rooms too, although — rushed for time by their decision to complete three rooms instead of the expected two — their shoddy finishes let them down.

Daniel and Jade's bathroom upstairs

Daniel and Jade did two bedrooms plus a bathroom this week, but were let down by shoddy finishes.

Host Shelley Craft questioned whether it was necessary to bolster the bedroom tally from four to five in the main house, but the three judges disagreed, voting it a smart move.

They also loved the styling choices in the two bedrooms but felt that the bathroom had let them down.

From the tiles which “fought with each other” because of their different textures, to the lighting which highlighted a dodgy drain, Darren had a long list of things he did not like about the couple’s bathroom — which he took great pains to detail.

Daniel and Jade's extra bedroom

Daniel and Jade’s extra bedroom

Neale added: “Daniel and Jade have delivered a three-course meal, the entree (the boys’ bedroom) was great, the main (the girls’ bedroom) was spectacular and the dessert (bathroom) not so good.”

Darren served up yet another food analogy: “They probably bit off a lot and had to chew like hell.”

Harry and Tash’s lopsided bathroom saw their hopes of another victory flushed down the drain.

The father and daughter were going great guns on this week’s task until they were dismayed by the discovery that a wall in their bathroom had a distinct lean.

The pair had been bracing themselves for the worse since their bathroom failed foreman Keith’s inspection.

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Harry and Tash's upstairs bathroom

Harry and Tash’s upstairs bathroom featured a grey concrete sink, blush pink tiles and a leaning wall.

Despite this fact, Harry decided to persevere with installing the vanity, toilet and mirrors as planned.

Keith was perplexed why they would waste time and money finishing a bathroom that would have to be ripped out and redone but there was method in Harry’s madness.

He wanted to make sure he got as many points as possible from the judges because the weekly scores are tallied at the end of the competition and whoever has the most points gets to decide the all-important auction order.

Harry and Tash's upstairs bedroom

Harry and Tash’s upstairs bedroom

Sure, they finished last with their dodgy bathroom, but their score would have been even more miserable had they left it totally unfinished.

“It’s sad that an error like this can undo all this hard work,” said Darren, after carefully pointing out that it would be human error and not show sponsor Truecore’s steel frames to blame.


1 – Luke and Jasmin: 30

2 – Jimmy and Tam: 29

2 – Sarah and George: 29

3 – Daniel and Jade: 25.5

4 – Harry and Tash: 23.5


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