The Block 2020 episode 22 recap: Shaynna pulls no punches in dressing one team down for cheating

Luke and Jasmin are in some hot water with Shaynna.

This episode starts with half an hour of padding (some lame pottery challenge, yawn), then BAM! Cheating scandal.

In between the teams are preparing their kitchens.

Sarah and George have secured the services of Melbourne’s most famous (and sweariest) tiler and stonemason Fabian. The temperamental king has been seen on The Block many times before, most notably railing against Keith in a way the contestants only do in their dreams.

This time he’s created an enormous curved natural stone benchtop, with hand mitred edges that is indeed a work of art.

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Another work of art arrives at Daniel and Jade’s place in the form of a custom Christian Cole timber island bench. Luke is quick to pop in to admire his fellow chippy’s work.

“It’s carpentry porn,” he says as he runs his hand suggestively over Cole’s handiwork.

But as solar panels go in, Shaynna Blaze makes a surprise visit to the site. At first we’re lead to believe she’s there to help the contestants decide on their “gamechanger” — the $10,000 in bonus money they’ll get for an item or feature if it’s approved by Scott Cam.

Shaynna calls out Luke and Jasmin for copying a room from instagram

Shaynna calls out Luke and Jasmin for copying a room from Instagram.

But given Daniel and Jade have already used up their gamechanger on that Christian Cole island bench, it’s pretty clear that this was just an excuse to get Shaynna on site because she has something to get off her chest.

After giving the green light to Sarah and George’s plan to use their bonus money for an arched steel and glass door to separate the old part of their house from the new, and helping Jimmy and Tam with a suggestion the cashed-up pair use their money for a limited edition Andy Warhol print, she’s off to Luke and Jasmin’s place with Scott Cam in tow.

Jasmin shows Tam the room she copied off

Jasmin shows Tam the room she copied from.

After agreeing their idea of a wood-fired pizza oven and fire pit with dining area is a good use of their bonus cash Shaynna shoos Scott away and opens up her laptop of doom.

Her real agenda here is to all but accuse Luke and Jasmin of outright cheating, and she’s got the receipts to prove it.

During the judging of their kids’ room and ensuite Shaynna had mentioned the custom bunk bed looked a lot like one previous contestants Kyal and Kara had posted on their Instagram. It wasn’t enough to stop her giving the pair a perfect 10 though, and they scooped the week with 30 out of 30.

Luke and Jasmin's room, and the instagram post they copied it from.

Luke and Jasmin’s room, and the Instagram post from Inside Out magazine they copied it from.

But now Shaynna reveals after judging she went home and “did a little bit of fishing”.

What she found was an image of a room that is virtually identical to the one Luke and Jasmin presented. Spotted wallpaper, sheer curtains, animal wall decorations, an aztec and saffron colour scheme, grey carpet and that custom bunk bed feature in both rooms. In fact, the only thing that’s different in their room is Luke and Jasmin’s rattan hanging chair.

Luke and Jasmin's kids room

Luke and Jasmin’s kids room as it was unveiled on Sunday.

“Inspiration is one thing, completely taking someone’s idea and making it your own is another,” Shaynna says. “When you’re doing it at home no-one is going to see it but we’re in a competition and you won a room where you won money.”

She later tells a producer “It’s not fair to the other contestants that they won a room and money with someone else’s ideas.”

Luke and Jasmin put up some weak protests. Luke points out that he made the bunk himself. Jasmin said she was open about the fact she was copying the room during the filming process, but as a teacher, she knows she’s sprung bad.

Luke and Jasmin are gutted to have been called out for copying

Luke and Jasmin are gutted to have been called out for copying.

“It’s tainted it. I feel like I didn’t deserve it now. How can it get a 10? Do you think she regrets giving us a 10? I think she does,” Jasmin says.

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A despondent Jasmin goes outside to find Tam minding her own business, and opens up to her neighbour. Tam makes a few sympathetic noises, but those noises are non-committal enough to make it very clear that Tam thinks she and the rest of the contestants have been royally dudded.


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