The Block 2020 episode 23 recap: ‘It’s not in the spirit of the game’ – Scott Cam fires up over copying

After weeks of peace and love, a few cracks are beginning to emerge in this season of The Block.

Daniel’s plasterers walk off the job tonight, leaving him with unfinished work, after accusing him of running a tense and high-pressure job site.

George intimates that another contestant would only lend him some tools if there was a quid pro quo involved, but with a pointed look at the camera operator recording his conversation with Harry and Tash, refuses to say who he’s talking about. Drats.

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And the site is awash with gossip about why judge Shaynna Blaze singled out Luke and Jasmin for a special visit earlier in the week. Or at least, it is after Scott Cam visits the other teams with Shelley and drops a few hints that leave the others determined to find out.

Jasmin tells Tam that she can feel the tension on the site after the copying revelations.

The only team who don’t need to do any detective work are Jimmy and Tam, because Jasmin confided in Tam immediately after what Luke now refers to as the “telling off”, showing her the picture of the room she had used as inspiration for “her” design.

Tam reckons she and Jimmy don’t particularly care that Luke and Jasmin scored a perfect 30 out of 30 for a room that is a near carbon copy of a room Jasmin found on Instagram. Luke and Jasmin are their Block besties so they’re not going to be drawn into it.

“We know some others might have a few issues about it,” Tam says to Cam and Shelley Craft when they do their rounds. “Jasmin did show me the image and it is very similar.”

“It’s virtually identical!” Cam exclaims, something Tam has to concede is true.

Scott Cam tells Tam and Jimmy that Luke and Jasmin's winning room was

Scott Cam tells Tam and Jimmy that Luke and Jasmin’s winning room wasn’t “similar” it was in fact “virtually identical” to a picture on Instagram.

Luke and Jasmin's room, and the instagram post they copied it from.

Luke and Jasmin’s room, and the Instagram post they copied it from.

“She’s such a good stylist and I don’t think she needs to look at images to do that,” Tam says.

“It’s just not in the spirit of the game,” Cam continues, and it’s hard to disagree.

But tonight we find out the two couples have formed a strategic alliance. They are neck and neck on the overall leaderboard, with the scores at the end determining who gets to pick the all important auction order.

“They know that we have their back and vice versa,” Jasmin says, making it clear why Jimmy and Tam aren’t going to let a little thing like blatant copying stand in the way of their friendship.

Tam is still trying to work out a way to spend her gamechanger money. Shaynna Blaze suggested an 1950s-appropriate limited edition art print, so naturally Tam is searching those famous 1950s artists Picasso and Matisse. Luckily she opts to spend it on something she knows much more about — booze. The bar manager splurges on $5000 worth of wine, which will appreciate in value like a Picasso, and will look much better in their high end Gaggenau wine fridge.

Daniel’s troubles with his plasterers finally reach their inevitable conclusion. Plastering boss Wilson confides in his other client George that he and his crew aren’t happy working for the Adelaide farmer.

George reveals another contestant will only help out if there is a returned favour.

George tells Harry and Tash another contestant will only help out if there is a returned favour, but noticing the camera decides against naming names.

“Wilson was just confiding in me. His workers are struggling over there and he was just venting to me. I’m a bit of a pig in the middle. All I can speak about is on my own behalf and I’ve never had any issues with Wilson. He’s probably the best gyprocker I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what’s happening in their house,” George says.

To be fair, it’s hard to imagine George having issues with anyone.

Wilson tells Daniel his team aren’t going to continue on his job and while Daniel sends them off telling them there’s no hard feelings, the swear words as he tries to finish the plastering job himself suggests otherwise.


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