The Block 2020 episode 24 recap: Did Luke and Jasmin get caught copying again?

The judges and Scott Cam agree – these are the best kitchens the Block has ever seen.

“Any one of these kitchens would have won on any Block,” Darren Palmer says, giving everyone 9.5 out of ten in a piece of absolutely shameless fence-sitting.

But before we get to the judging, there’s another copycat scandal to unpack.

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Norm and Jess’ stunning Christian Cole dining table wins over the judges

Daniel and Jade’s showstopper is a curved Christian Cole-made fluted timber island bench, which they unveiled in the middle of the week. Two days later their neighbours, and previous accused copycats Luke and Jasmin unveil and similar curved fluted wooden island bench.

Daniel and Jade’s Christian Cole-designed bench in production.

Daniel is immediately suss, though it does seem unlikely that Luke and Jasmin could have had their carpenter whip up an entire new island bench design in two days. And that design does match their curved corrugated timber wall.

Still, Daniel is muttering, saying “I’ll let the public decide at home. If they changed it or altered it the cameras would pick that up.”

So Scott Cam goes to the tape, but that doesn’t make anything clearer. It shows Luke and Jasmin were planning a slatted timber island bench weeks ago, but not one with the curves that ended up so perfectly matching Daniel and Jade’s.

Luke and Jasmin's very similar

Luke and Jasmin’s very similar “midnight effort.”

In the end though, it’s all moot. One of Luke and Jasmin’s curves doesn’t meet code. Keith discovers the overhang is too big (meaning the benchtop would snap clean off if someone sat on it), so they have to square off the carpentry anyway.

Luke and Jasmin's kitchen with now squared off island bench

Luke and Jasmin’s kitchen with now squared off island bench.

The almost-cheating scandal caps off a tense week on The Block. When Luke discovers his rangehood has delivered accidentally to Daniel and Jade’s house, he jokingly tells Daniel “you’ve got my rangehood you bastard”, which Daniel immediately takes seriously.

“What’s that got to do with me,” he shouts, along with a few choice swear words.

It’s becoming clear why Daniel’s plasterers might have chosen to walk off the job rather than work with him.

By the time judging comes around though, all is forgiven, and all the teams acknowledge that it will be a tight competition.

“These are the best kitchens I’ve ever seen on The Block,” Scott Cam says.

Harry and Tash have used pale timber cabinetry with vertical grooves and have a 4.3m island bench, a sink hidden under a sliding panel, oak flooring and that ducted vacuum system Harry is so proud of.

“This is the perfect kitchen for now,” Neale Whitaker says. “It’s got the Scandi functionality but it’s got all the touch points of luxury.”

Their only quibble is the tap doesn’t match the cabinet door handles, and there’s not enough power points on the island bench.

Harry and Tash's kitchen with its 4.3m island bench

Harry and Tash’s kitchen with its 4.3m island bench.

Sarah and George’s big ticket item is their dolomite stone island bench, which Darren Palmer immediately appreciates for its “next level stonemasonry”.

“That is a monolith,” Neale agrees, adding, “If you want to show someone how to do a monochrome kitchen, it would be this.”

Light timber flooring, dark timber cabinetry, fluted glass overhead cabinets and some seriously amazing electronic louvre doors on the cupboards in the butler’s pantry are all winners with the judges, but the overhead cupboards are placed too high which loses them points.

Sarah and George's kitchen with their natural stone bench

Sarah and George’s kitchen with its “monolithic” stone bench

Daniel and Jade’s Christian Cole bench is described by Shaynna as “an heirloom”.

“That is beyond a work of art,” she says. “It’s stunning.”

Neale notes it’s completely appropriate for their 1930s house with its nod to the art deco era.

And the hidden whiskey cupboard gets a big tick too.

But they, like most of the other teams, haven’t put in enough power points.

Daniel and Jade's kitchen with Christian Cole island bench

Daniel and Jade’s kitchen with Christian Cole island bench.

Luke and Jasmin’s corrugated curved timber wall win immediate plaudits from the judges, as do their brass tapware, perfect linear pendant light, timber detailing under the overhead cabinets and their pullout pantry.

“For me this is a dream kitchen,” Darren Palmer says. “I love everything I’ve seen.”

Jimmy and Tam have crammed their kitchen with the Gaggenau appliances they won in week one. Their inclusion means this kitchen is well over $200,000.

The judges are obviously impressed with the appliances, but the mint green, dark charcoal island, brass fittings and oak flooring are also winners.

“It shouldn’t work, but it does,” says Darren of the colour scheme.

They also like the $5000 worth of rare and collectable wine that they’ve stuffed the wine fridge with.

“This kitchen just feels so bespoke,” Neale says.

“And it didn’t come from Instagram,” Shaynna says, pointedly.

The terrazzo pendant lights are too small, and the stools are way too high (thanks to the contestants being confined largely to online shopping during lockdown), but they’re small issues and Shaynna is prepared to forgiven them all.

Jimmy and Tam's Gaggenau stuffed kitchen

Jimmy and Tam’s Gaggenau stuffed kitchen, but good luck getting your legs under the bench on those stools.

The contestants have given the trio a difficult task, so this seems the perfect time for Daniel and Jade to use their bonus point, which they won for making the least wonky looking piece of pottery during a challenge earlier this week.

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Daniel is torn, wanting to win outright, but luckily he sees reason because the pair win the week by half a point.


1 Daniel and Jade (29.5)

2 Harry and Tash (29)

2 Jimmy and Tam (29)

3 Sarah and George (28)

3 Luke and Jasmin (28)


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