The Block 2020 episode 28 recap: ‘Complete fail’: Jimmy and Tam’s monumental error

Soaring ceilings nudged out caveman chic when Harry and Tash narrowly beat Daniel and Jade for top place in living and dining room week.

It’s the second win of the competition for Melbourne’s father and daughter duo and the third time the South Australian farmers have been beaten to the win by just half a point.

Victory put a smile back on Harry’s face after a challenging week of unforeseen costs, along with heated confrontations with foremen Keith and Dan that almost made the IT specialist walk out of the show.

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Harry and Keith are butting heads, again

Instead, Harry put his head down and took a new approach to dealing with Keith — offering monosyllabic responses and avoiding eye contact — and got his room done.

Sure, it meant spending almost an entire night atop a scaffold, painting his ceiling void, but it was worth it for that $10,000 prize.

Harry and Tash's living/dining room

Harry and Tash’s living/dining room saw them take out their second win of the series.

That impressive ceiling void coupled with Tash’s unexpected furniture positioning wowed judges Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer.

“I feel like I am walking in here and seeing the work of a professional interior designer. There is a level of sophistication and cohesion that blows me away,” Neale said until he spotted his pet peeve. No lamps. And as any Block fan would know, Neale is a man who loves his mood lighting.

The judges were also swooning over Jade and Daniel’s curvy cave, with Darren stroking its textured walls as he commented: “I am in sultry, moody heaven.”

“It’s stunning. It’s the house of curves,” added Shaynna (cue eye roll from Jasmin who considers herself to be the resident curves mistress).

Unfortunately, the South Australian’s “sexy” space ultimately couldn’t compete with the wow factor of Harry and Tash’s spacious design.

Daniel and Jade's living/dining room

Daniel and Jade were once again just half a point behind the winners.

And you have to give Harry and Tash credit for even getting their room finished at all after the many hurdles they faced — including the one in the hard hat who goes by the name of Keith.

Harry and Tash may not have had their winning room completed by deadline without a little help from their friends, Sarah and George, who came to their rescue at the eleventh hour to help them lug furniture and tidy up.

Harry and Tash were both moved to tears by their kindness.

Shaynna Blaze's no dining table face

Shaynna Blaze’s face says 1000 words.

There were tears too from Sarah and George who received yet another sledging for their reno efforts. Shaynna described their room as dull and uninspiring. While Neale Whitaker said he was bored by the Sydneysiders’ monochromatic palette.

The negative feedback even took the wind out of the ever-joking George’s sails.

“I am actually quite upset that they keep hammering us. We can’t seem to get a foot across the line and it’s really quite frustrating,” he said.

Sarah and George's living/dining room

Sarah and George’s living/dining room was sledged for being dull and uninspiring.

They were even more disheartened to see that Shaynna had scored their room just a half point more than Jimmy and Tam’s curious combination of living and dining room without a dining table.

With the exception of being the only house to have Neale’s favourite accessory (a freestanding lamp) and Shaynna’s all-important storage, the judges savaged Jimmy and Tam’s choices this week, which they said made the tiny space feel cramped and inadequately designed for a multimillion-dollar property.

The judges are incredulous over Jimmy and Tam's decision to forgo a dining table.

The judges are incredulous over Jimmy and Tam’s decision to forgo a dining table.

“In a family home where you have four or five bedrooms, especially when you have an entertainer’s kitchen, I think it’s a massive misstep,” Darren said of not having a formal table.

Shaynna also questioned Tam’s placement of the armchairs in front of the fire which made the room look like it was set up for a camping trip rather than luxury living.

Neale writes the room off as a “complete fail”.

Luckily for Jimmy and Tam they have plenty of cash at their disposal ($62,000 in the bank, plus the Hipages lever and the $10,000 game-changer bonus) to remedy their undercooked dining room.

Jimmy and Tam's dining tableless dining and living room

Jimmy and Tam’s dining tableless dining and living room was written off as a “complete fail” by Neale.

The same cannot be said for Luke and Jasmin who face a costly challenge with their room but have neither the money nor the inclination to rectify it.

While the judges loved the West Australian couple’s use of timber and white furnishings to complement their kitchen, they marked them down for their oddly positioned fireplace and lack of storage.

Neale Whitaker using his bum to point out how badly placed the fireplace is.

Neale Whitaker using his bum to point out how badly placed Luke and Jasmin’s fireplace is.

There was a reason for the fireplace misfire.

Luke and Jasmin’s decision to flip their upstairs lay-out meant they had to put their downstairs fireplace off centre because of the plumbing arrangements.

The judges were not impressed, believing they should have sacrificed some floorspace to put the fireplace in a position where it was actually functional.

Luke and Jasmin's living/dining room

Luke and Jasmin’s living/dining room

Shaynna said it felt like the fireplace was in “the naughty corner” while Darren moaned that no-one would want to use those $2000 armchairs because they would roast right up against a roaring fire.

Despite the criticism, Jasmin and Luke determined that the fireplace would stay put. And, we all know, what Jasmin says, goes.


Harry and Tash: 28.5

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