The Block 2020 episode 29 recap: Why Harry and Tash didn’t deserve their win

Hapless Harry continues to earn Keith’s wrath this episode, but rather than the foreman niggling him to create some drama, this time it’s life and death.

“Someone’s going to get killed,” he tells Harry after spotting multiple violations from Harry’s team of electricians. They’ve disconnected a power distribution board, which has an isolation switch, in favour of using internal power, which as yet does not.

They’ve covered up live wires with shonky bits of cardboard, and when asked to rectify it, instead use shonky bits of corflute.

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Third strike and they’re out, sent home by Keith until tomorrow as punishment for not following Block rules.

Keith finds live wiring behind a piece of cardboard in Harry’s house.

But Harry is nothing if not used to being in the naughty corner.

“Out of all the contestants I’m the only one not in construction,” he points out.

And it shows.

When the other teams tour Harry and Tash’s winning living and dining room they are aghast at the poor workmanship. Daniel and Jade take it extra hard, considering they only lost by half a point.

Unpainted spots, a big gap behind the fireplace cabinetry, unsanded plaster and two different colours on a single wall are just some of the faults the other contestants find.

Daniel inspects the shoddy work in Harry and Tash's winning room.

Daniel inspects the shoddy work in Harry and Tash’s winning room.

“Daniel and Jade, Luke and Jasmin and Sarah and George put forward absolutely stunning rooms that were executed to perfection and all of them got ripped off,” Jimmy says.

“I’m horrified with what I’m seeing,” Daniel says. “I have to sit down. I’m not going to lie, I’m filthy.”

Even Harry’s best mate George reckons it’s a rough job.

“Jesus, Harry,” he exclaims at the botched paint job. “God love them, but how do they…?” He trails off in horror.

Daniel and Jade can't believe they lost by half a point to a room with such shoddy workmanship.

Daniel and Jade after finding multiple examples of shoddy workmanship in the room which pipped them by just half a point.

George is doing it tough this week.

The perennial joker is finally feeling the weight of not winning a single thing all season, and some harsh criticism from the judges for last week’s “dull” living and dining room.

They have one of the biggest areas to complete this week, but have nothing in the kitty but the allocated budget of $21,000 to complete their upstairs area thanks to that long losing streak.

They have to put in a powder room, study and bedroom on a shoestring.

“You try so hard and we always come up short,” he says, near tears.

HIs wife Sarah takes a different approach.

“My motto this week is f*** the judges,” she says.

Their neighbours down the road are absolutely flush with cash. Jimmy and Tam have a spare $37,000, thanks to all their wins, plus the $21,000 they’re using it for a media room and a bedroom.

Yet more good luck came their way when a neighbour putting in a pool offered to give them a fully grown Mexican fan palm, worth $5000, provided they dig it up and take it away.

George in tears as Sarah comforts him.

Usually the life of the party, George is emotional and beaten down by he and Sarah’s show-long losing streak.

The tree, dubbed Darren Palmer by Tam, proves a tricky job when they discover the main gas line runs through its root ball. Lucky they have all that cash to burn because their crane is sent home for the night when the gas line can’t be extricated in time.

They’re also lucky the other contestants fell for their sob story that the tree would die if they weren’t allowed to skip ahead and plant it in their front yard this week, rather than waiting for official landscaping week.

Daniel and Jade get their share of some luck tonight too.

They had already added an extra bedroom to their upstairs area, making it the only five bedroom property on The Block. This week they’re doing the extra bedroom, and get the go ahead from Keith to use the roof space in the old part of the house for a storage room.

It will gain them an extra 25 square metres to store the likes of suitcases, skis and polo mallets.

They also get lucky in their quest to add a window to one of their bedrooms for it to meet code. Harry has removed one and is happy to donate it to Daniel and Jade, saving them a bomb.

Jimmy and Tam's palm tree is sitting right over a gas line.

Jimmy and Tam have once again been hit by the lucky stick, scoring a free $5000 palm tree.

Luke and Jasmin are putting in a second, more casual, living room and a bedroom, and Harry and Tash are taking advantage of a beautiful view over a huge oak tree by placing a study nook and day bed under a window, and creating a bedroom with a geometrically interesting angled roof that looks like a plasterer’s nightmare.

It seems everyone has big plans except Sarah and George, who will be lucky to do anything but Gyprock and paint their kids’ bedroom, powder room and study.

“When are we ever going to be good enough for you,” is Sarah’s rhetorical question for the judges.

If anyone isn’t rooting for a win for the pair, they have a stone where their heart should be.


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