The Block 2020 episode 30 and 31 recap: Danial unleashes a foul-mouthed tirade at Dan

Jimmy and Tam’s winning streak is finally beginning to wear the other contestants down.

As they watch their enormous free palm tree being replanted, they all begin to wonder whether they should have given the pair the go ahead to jump ahead of official landscaping week and transplant the tree.

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They were expecting a glorified pot plant, not a 6m-high statement piece.

And then when they have their seventh win in a row (a Lego challenge whose main purpose seemed to be cross-promoting Nine’s Lego Masters show) the others can barely contain their chagrin.

“I think from what I heard the mood was a little sombre,” Jimmy says. “We feel a little bit bad about it but it is a competition.”

Can a thumb be sarcastic? Sarah and George’s reaction to yet…another….Jimmy….and…Tam…win.

A competition that now sees them with a whopping $182,500 more in cash and prizes than their fellow contestants.

Not to mention yet another bonus point thanks to this challenge.

When Scott Cam and Shelley Craft visit the pair, Scott asks if they would use their point against the loveable and hapless Sarah and George in the event of a tie.

“Please don’t do that,” Tam says, pretending she’d be torn, later revealing her true cold heart.

“It’s a competition and we’re here for us and our family and we need to play the (bonus point) when we can.”

Scott points out they’d be hated by the entire country if that scenario played out and he’s not wrong.

Sarah is spending the morning in bed while George sheds tears worrying about her.

“I’m good, I’m just worried about Sarah,” he says. “She’s taken it hard, the constant criticism. I hate seeing Sarah down. It really gets me down to be honest.”

If this pair don’t catch a break soon Nine should expect hate mail, and if Jimmy and Tam steal a win from them with their bonus point, riots.

Meanwhile, Harry is complaining about the fact the producers keep interrupting him to film interviews.

“It’s almost like we’re making a TV show,” Scott Cam says.

Harry’s particularly annoyed that they want to capture his reaction to the fact he’s going to have to rip out that problematic bathroom from last fortnight. His builder managed to fix the leaning wall, but Dan and Keith have now discovered his tiler forgot to put in waterproof angles in all the corners, and that means pulling off every tile and starting again.

But while Harry’s complaints end with him sulking in his car, fellow contestant Daniel’s style leans a bit more towards flying off the handle.

His temper is beginning to become a bit of a Block 2020 theme, but he’s got a fair reason this episode.

Foreman Dan calls Daniel a liar for saying that Keith had already inspected his attic storage room

In the high vis corner, Daniel is outraged at being called a lair. In the Hard Yakka corner, Dan smells a rat.

When foreman Dan comes to take a look at Daniel and Jade’s secret attic storage space and mentions it will need to be inspected, Daniel says “Keith checked it all yesterday so all good, mate. Have a look at it but I don’t expect there to be any issues. Keith checked it yesterday so I expect we’re all good.”

Dan immediately goes to double check with Keith who tells him he did take a look at the space several times the day before while all the contestants were off at the Lego challenge, but he hadn’t given it a formal inspection.

Dan goes back to Daniel to accuse him of lying.

“(Your) exact words were ‘Keith ticked it off yesterday’,” Dan says.

Err, no they weren’t Dan. See above. Those weren’t Daniel’s exact words at all.

But his exact words now, as he stomps off, are “If you feel I’ve lied to you that’s bulls..t, absolute bulls..t. You just called me a liar. There’s no way that I’ve been trying to lie to you. F…king bulls..t, call me a liar.”

Daniel unleashes on Dan after the foreman calls him a liar

Think it’s time for Scott Cam to go to the tape.

But Daniel’s Dan problems are a lot less serious than Luke’s.

Dan’s noticed Luke and Jasmin’s upstairs living room has a seriously squeaky floor. Luke reckons it’s the truss and gets under the floor to add more screws. When it doesn’t work he adopts a careful strategy of denial. Even as Carpet Court prowl the site to come and lay flooring over an area Dan says he won’t sign off on until it’s squeak free Luke does every other job he can think of in the hope the floor will fix itself.

It doesn’t.

Luke cuts a hole in his floor to discover the subfloor hasn't been glued down.

Luke cuts a hole in his floor to discover the subfloor hasn’t been glued down.

Turns out that by moving the upstairs configuration around, Luke and his builder missed the fact that in the area earmarked for the bathroom the subfloor hadn’t been glued down. This is because if the area was going to be used as the bathroom the floor would have had to have been lifted up anyway. Luke and his builder Macca went ahead and glued boards on to the sub-floor without realising the sub-floor hadn’t itself been glued down.

Cue an obvious and tic-inducing squeak that no millionaire Brightonite would be willing to live with.

By the time Luke finally saws into the floor to discover the problem they’ve got less than a day to go before room reveal, and an entire floor to rip up and redo.

“We won’t be revealing a room,” Luke says.

And while that’s a phrase that’s used multiple times every season, this time it looks like it might actually be true.


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