The Block 2020 episode 36 recap: ‘We should’ve won’: Unfair win splits Block besties

What Jasmin wants, Jasmin gets. Unless it’s a win when Jimmy and Tam have a gnome up their sleeve.

The Queenslanders seized yet another victory from their Block besties, Luke and Jasmin, by playing their gnome bonus point.

It’s the second time in the competition that they’ve used a gnome to steal victory from Luke and Jasmin by just half a point.

Last time it resulted in a draw between the two couples, meaning Luke and Jasmin had to share their $10,000 prize with their neighbours.

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Luke and Jasmin almost won with this hallway but Jimmy and Tam stole the points.

This time, the bonus point saw Jimmy and Tam win outright by half a point, leaving Jasmin and Luke to go home empty-handed and very, very unhappy.

A furious Jasmin stormed off set, ranting to an equally unimpressed Luke: “I knew that was going to happen. We should’ve won.”

Later, in the car, she further griped that they’d been “robbed” by Jimmy and Tam.

“That gnome has cost us $15,000! I hate that f***ing gnome,” she snarled.

Her frustration was understandable. Jimmy and Tam aren’t exactly short of cash, having won more challenges and weekly room wins than anyone else on The Block.

Jimmy and Tam's entrance foyer

Jimmy and Tam’s entrance foyer impressed the judges, but they still needed their bonus point to win it.

Although it is a game, it seemed harsh that they would use a gnome against Luke and Jasmin twice when they had no need of additional funds so late in the series.

In fairness, they were also thinking of the long game because every weekly score point counts towards deciding who will control the auction order. By adding a point to this week’s score, Jimmy and Tam will enhance their chances of being in charge of all five teams’ destinys on auction day.

But will their ruthless strategy sour the close friendship with Luke and Jasmin? Time will tell. Certainly, whatever joy Jimmy and Tam found in this week’s victory was short-lived when they sighted their pal Jasmin storming away in tears.

“She’s dirty. She’s really dirty,” Jimmy said, remarkably surprised that Jasmin (an ultra-competitive woman who has regularly cracked it when things don’t go her way) would be anything other than furious about what had been done.

“She didn’t even look at us. She just walked straight off!”

Luke and Jasmin's almost winning laundry

Luke and Jasmin’s laundry.

Tam was hopeful that it was just the toll of the difficult week that had enraged Jasmin rather than her gnome-raiding efforts.

“This week has been really tough. There’s so many emotions involved. Hopefully she will be OK,” Tam said.

It was clear from judges Shaynna Blaze, Darren Palmer and Neale Whitaker’s comments on the five properties this week that it was always going to be a two-horse race between Houses Four and Five.

The main criticism they had about Jimmy and Tam’s place was that they hadn’t hung a curtain in their huge stairway window overlooking the street below.

“If you’re coming down the stairs in the nick, you’re on show,” host Scott said to reinforce the downside of having such an exposed window.

Daniel and Jade's

The judges described Daniel and Jade’s hallway as “vanilla”.

“Some people like that though Scotty,” Jimmy unsurprisingly retorted (remember that he was the man behind that controversial exhibitionist ensuite earlier in the series).

Neale Whitaker, however, was wowed by Jimmy and Tam’s vintage chandelier and timber wall (this sauna-style feature is very popular on The Block this year with almost every team using one somewhere) entrance hall which he described as a “visual feast”.

They also felt Luke and Jasmin had nailed their carpentry and styling.

“Luke and Jasmin have the most quintessentially Brighton family home of anyone on The Block,” Darren said, clearly swayed by the couple’s smart decision to showcase some of his line of hand soap in their powder room.

Interestingly all three sang the praises of Jasmin and Luke’s simple hallway colour scheme just minutes after Shaynna and Neale stuck the boot into Harry and Tash and Daniel and Jade for doing the very same thing.

Shaynna felt Daniel and Jade’s hallway styling, like their choice in wall-paint colour was “vanilla”.

“I think this was a space that could have actually done with a bit of colour to get us between that division of old and new,” she added.

Sarah and George's hallway was cluttered with a bench seat which detracted from their $10,000 custom arched door.

Sarah and George’s hallway was cluttered with a bench seat which detracted from their $10,000 custom arched door, according to the judges.

“What does vanilla even mean? Does that mean boring?” Daniel asked, incredulous that anyone might think cream walls were uninspiring.

While Darren disagreed and felt Daniel and Jade’s simple colour palette was sophisticated and chic, Neale argued it was “undercooked”.

“There’s a fine line between minimalism and just being bland,” he said.

It was a similar critique for Harry and Tash’s beige styling efforts.

The judges were (yet again) impressed by the skylights (Harry and Tash have 24 of them in their house now) but felt their painting efforts were slapdash at best.

Harry and Tash's hallway bored the judges.

Harry and Tash’s hallway also bored the judges.

While they were underwhelmed by Harry and Tash’s work the judges were overwhelmed by what Sarah and George had done next-door, believing their bench seat created unnecessary clutter in the hallway and that an overabundance of artwork distracted from their $10,000 steel door.

However, they loved the couple’s “whimsical” powder room with its floral wallpaper and pink sink and their laundry with its dog bed (complete with a surprise visitor — foreman Dan’s pet beagle) and place to store muddy shoes and raincoats. Ultimately, they felt none of the rooms felt like they belonged in the same house.

Foreman Dan's beagle for hire.

Foreman Dan’s beagle is ready for his close up.

“Overall, there is a real disconnect between the spaces,” Neale reflected.

But the more worrying severing of connection could well be between Jimmy and Tam and Jasmin and Luke thanks to that pesky gnome!

1: Jimmy and Tam: 29

2: Luke and Jasmin: 28.5

3; Sarah and George: 25

3; Daniel and Jade: 25

3; Harry and Tash: 25

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