The Block 2020 episodes 18, 19 recap: It’s Jade vs queue jumping Jasmin

What Jasmin wants, Jasmin gets!

The West Australian mother-of-two has never been shy about making her opinions known but she took it to new levels with a tantrum over tiles and by pushing herself up the pecking order for shopping trips.

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease,” Jasmin boasted after her complaints about the shopping order at Freedom being set by house number resulted in her moving into Jade’s spot.

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As the owner of house four, Jasmin feared the three contestants ahead of her would get into Freedom ahead of her and swipe the soft furnishings she wanted.

Although it’s doubtful anyone else had their heart set on a Tiger-shaped cushion, her moaning meant she was allowed to jump the queue to shop third ahead of Jade – who owns house three.

Making matters worse, Tam – who was in house five and should have been shopping fifth – then showed up before Jade too.

Jasmin didn’t think her diva-style behaviour would be a major problem because she thought Jade was too nice to get angry.

Jade is unimpressed that Jasmin skipped ahead of her in the shopping line.

Will she be in for a shock when she views the episode because Jade does indeed get cross. Furious, even.

“Oh yeah, everyone who was after me is here ahead of me. Just whinge and bitch and moan and you’ll get what you want. If you don’t, you won’t,” Jade complained.

Although she admitted the incident wouldn’t tempt her to speak up for herself in the future.

The shopping fracas came after Jasmin cracked it over the placement of her bathroom tiles, which hadn’t been laid to the exact specifications of her (ill-tempered) mood board.

With the poor tiler forced to tear off the tiles and re-lay them, Luke agreed that nothing would be done in the house in future without first getting Jasmin’s seal of approval.

Jasmin was poised for yet another meltdown, this time over wallpaper which she felt was just too dotty and not at all like the design featuring fine speckles that she had ordered.

Hosts Shelley Craft and Scott Cam had to intervene, assuring Jasmin the wallpaper looked simply terrific. That worked. Jasmin managed to rein in the rage and the wallpaper survived.

“I am just so thrilled she (Shelley) likes what we do. Well, what I do,” she said, gleefully. With heavy emphasis on the “I”.

Luke and Jasmin are thrilled with Shelley Craft's feedback

Luke and Jasmin are thrilled with Shelley Craft’s feedback.

Poor Luke had his hands full this week. Not only was he trying to keep Jasmin happy, he also had dramas with his waterproofing.

Keith and Dan discovered that Luke had gone ahead and had his waterproofing done (by mystery tradespeople whose identities were protected with emojis over their faces) before they had a chance to inspect the floor.

With Jasmin and Luke off-site shopping, the two foremen ruled that the floor had not been properly prepared and would be subject to leaking. Their verdict: it must be stripped back and re-done.

It was a real setback for the couple who, despite being given two extra days to get their renovation work done this week, were forced to pull the Hipages lever to get extra tradespeople in to help.

Although they got a full week to complete their upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms, none of the couples was given any additional funds.

The budget remained at $36,000, which meant they would have to spread that cash across seven days of labour rather than the original five.

That was a particularly tough prospect for Jade and Daniel who had overspent in bathroom week, which drained $5000 from their kitty to use this week.

Plus, they added further strain to their already tight budget by electing to do an additional bedroom in their upstairs extension. Their risky plan would see them use their remaining $31,000 to create, style and furnish a boys’ room, girls’ room and shared upstairs bathroom.

Making matters worse, when Shelley inspected their rooms, she was less than impressed with what she saw.

She felt five bedrooms in the main part of the house was overkill and feared that one of those rooms would have little natural light.

With Daniel under enormous pressure it was of course the perfect time for foreman Keith to turn up for some of his signature niggling (and to plug a sponsor in the process). This time, while inspecting Daniel’s bathroom floor he casually pointed out that Daniel had stacked on the weight in lockdown (honestly, haven’t we all Keith?). Cue a nice reminder for viewers that Light ‘n’ Easy serves the contestants healthy meals while they are on site.

Jasmin has a tantrum

Shelley might have liked her room, but some dodgy waterproofing meant it wasn’t plain sailing for Jasmin.

Daniel, of course, was still carrying the emotional weight of finding out that Harry had been creeping on site to do some covert measurements.

He was all set to take revenge on the IT guru for his actions but was stymied by his more forgiving fellow contestants.

You see, it turns out Harry’s dastardly plan wasn’t quite so dastardly after all. He just wasn’t sure his small bedroom would comfortably fit his wardrobes and a queen bed and, having fallen victim to his own shoddy measuring work in previous rooms, returned to the work site to make sure he had got things right this time.

When told by a laughing Scotty that he’d have to run his amended plans past the group to get them approved, Harry was understandably filled with trepidation about their reactions.

With good reason. When told Harry was calling a body corp meeting to talk about his amended plans, the rest of the contestants arrived feeling suspicious and apprehensive.

Daniel, in particular, was still furious and ready to shoot down Harry’s plans, whatever they might be.

However, when Harry revealed that all he wanted to do was move a bedroom wall 400mm to enable the wardrobe doors to swing freely, the negativity towards him eased from all but Daniel and Jade.

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They remained silent and stony-faced, and farmer Daniel railed afterwards that he would crack it if Harry won the week.

“I don’t want him to win this week because we have given him the space,” Daniel explained. “I am still a bit salty on him for coming on site while we weren’t here. It’s going to take me a little while to get over that.”

Harry is caught on camera sneaking around the site.

Harry is caught on camera sneaking around the site.

Unfortunately, Daniel isn’t the only one who won’t let Harry forget his misadventures.

Shelley also raised his bad guy reputation while checking out their renovation plans, asking him if he was this season’s villain. A suggestion that left Harry baffled and undoubtedly concerned about how viewers will react to him.

Shelley likened him to Dr Evil from the Austin Powers films, while Scotty, showing his age, said he was more like the bad guy from the Thunderbirds. As if things weren’t bad enough for the not-so-bad guy, Harry’s own daughter then chimed in gleefully, pointing out that her dad looked far more like Gru from Despicable Me.

The only thing all four have in common, of course, is male pattern baldness because, sneakily using a tape measure during quarantine, hardly equates to plotting to undermine his competition, let alone end the world.

“And I don’t have bushy eyebrows,” Harry added.


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