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Important Things That Will Help You Stop Puppy Biting

A puppy that has just been bought it always has a hard time adopting in the new environment and it starts biting things and people. The puppy can end up biting thinking that it is playing and you end up bleeding. You should try and keep away from it if it bites and you have young children with you. Below are important things that will help you be able to stop puppy biting.

Do not harm the puppy when you see it biting someone. When you hit it the puppy can end up been afraid of you. The appropriate way of dealing with it is talking to it by saying it to stop biting and walk away from it. You should not try and play with it when you feel it’s painful as it will never learn anything. That will make the puppy realize that it is doing the wrong thing.

Avoid playing with the puppy for too long as that motivates it to continue biting. That will enable the puppy to stop biting too much.

Ensure you train the puppy, and the best thing to do is taking it to a puppy trainer. The puppy trainers know how to deal with the puppy. The new puppy will duplicate what it can see other puppies doing, and it will end up doing the same. That will make the puppy know what is wrong and what is wrong . It will make it easier for the puppy to connect with the others.

Toys are the best thing to give puppies as they will cool down and won’t end up destroying anything. They are always very playful, and that prepares them for the future. Always throw it its toy to play with it whenever it starts been aggressive as it can be harmful. That will make the puppy know that it is not supposed to be doing that.

Lastly whenever you see the puppy wanting to bite you then you should make an ouch sound and try as much as possible moving away from it. It will know that it is terrible to bite. The puppy will see that you are sad, and you don’t want to stay with it. Once you allow the puppy to bite you once in a while, then it will always feel nice been around you. It is accepted to bite when playing but not to the extent of feeling pain. The puppy will learn from the games you play with it. When it bites as it is playing it is a good thing as it can also get to bite an intruder sneaking into the home compound and that will be helpful.

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