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Catering Services For Hire

Weddings are some of the most famous celebrations that bring people together to celebrate the couple and union of families. Finding a good wedding caterer is a key factor during the wedding planning process. The wedding location is not supposed to be a hindrance to access the catering services of a company. If the wedding ceremony is being held at a church, an open field or a hall, a catering service should be aware. Depending on the number of people expected in a wedding or the location of the wedding catering companies may have reservations As a wedding planner it is important that you are aware of the versatility of the catering company.

Understand The Caterers Offer

It is advisable that the catering company is present in the wedding venue or close by. Wedding planners should note that there may be additional charges charged by the wedding caterer such as travelling costs. It is important to confirm that the wedding caterer will be able to travel to the wedding venue without any hustles.

Cross Check Venue Guiding Principles

Some wedding venues do not permit wedding caters to provide catering services as they have their own catering services available for hire. In such cases it is important that the wedding planners understand such terms, and also know whether the services offered are good enough.

Cross Check The Catering Package For The Wedding

Depending on the catering company, different menus are provided. It is advisable for the wedding planners to check the menu that has been created by the catering company for the wedding. Before settling for the catering company, one should confirm that they are getting value for their money. The provision of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks should be something that is factored in the budget. Some catering companies do not allow the supply of alcoholic drinks and wedding planners should be aware of that. Confirming the mode of payment of the drinks is important.

Wedding caterers should be versatile

At times menu changes are inevitable and therefore catering companies should be able to accommodate changes that have been suggested by the wedding planners. Different couple have different menu preferences. It is important that a caterer offers different menu options for those who have different dietary needs. A wedding caterer should also be the one to bake and decorate the cake or suggest a baker who is reliable. A wedding planner should confirm with the wedding caterer that they will be using their services on the said date earlier on to avoid any inconveniences. Confirmation of payment terms by the wedding caterer should be an important item on the wedding planning checklist to avoid any inconveniences.

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