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What Is The Cheapest Cross Country Move Option?

You told your landlord that you’re moving out the next month? Are you planning how to move across the country without paying a fortune? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll tell you everything about how professional movers work and what moving on your own means. See a little about lifting sofas and moving here. Read on and learn more!

Hiring professional movers is the most expensive option

Without a doubt, hiring professional movers is the most expensive option. Of course, it has a lot of positive sides, but if you’re thinking about the money, you can be sure that this will cost you a lot. How much? Well, depending on the weight you’ll have to fill the truck and the distance you’ll have to take them, it will cost you somewhere from 2 to 10 thousand US dollars.

Short and lightweight trips are more affordable but if you have little belongings that you need to take from one coast to the other, then the price will be much higher. This also depends on the rental company you’ll hire. Some have better prices and some will charge a lot for a fairly simple job.

So, if you have money on your mind as a priority, you should know that hiring the pros will destroy your budget. There are way more affordable options. See more about moving prices on this link –

Going on a solo adventure

Pros charge by the hour, weight, distance, type of material, everything. If you decide to move everything on your own, no one will charge anything. This is the most affordable option but the problem is – can you really handle everything?

The problem with moving on your own is that you simply can’t take everything out of the apartment with your bare hands. Yes, you’ll pack everything in boxes, you’ll arrange everything perfectly, but when the time comes for the sofa, you’ll see that help is essential.

So you decide to call your friends, which is a great option. The risk here is injury since none of your friends is a professional and skilled in moving stuff. Also, some valuable belongings might get damaged and at the end of the day, you might find yourself losing friends and money.

Still, if you only have boxes and you don’t have big valuable things like a piano, for example, you can try this option. Place everything in the truck of that one friend who has the biggest one and you’re good to go. However, if you have lots of furniture, expensive belongings, it may be smarter if you call the pros.

Making a combination

More often than not, people have no friends or family at the moment that are available to help. Sometimes, there’s no truck big enough. If you’re facing that piano problem, you can be sure that no friend will be able to help you. A piano is a serious deal and you really need a professional team of movers to help you with it.

A good idea would be to make a combination. You don’t have to pay to strangers to pack your shirts in boxes. Do this on your own. Get most of the stuff at the front door and only leave the heavy things for someone who’ll be paid for this.

If you have no truck, a great choice is to rent a truck and drive it yourself. Do everything else on your own. This will save you money and problems too. The point is, you need to know how to plan your moving before you start doing it. If you do this the right way, be sure that you’ll save money, health, and time.


As you can see, moving cross country completely on your own is the cheapest option. You’ll only pay for the gas of your vehicle. However, this is rarely an option since no one has a truck big enough for everything nor have so little items to be able to do this.

The best option is to pay only for a truck rental and ask for your friends and family to help. Try to find guys who can lift so you can be sure that everyone will stay safe afterward. Think about yourself too, don’t exaggerate and leave stress out.